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The Character of Comform’s corporate policy is formed by its long-range vision and constant state of readiness for new developments. The basic principles underlying its success, from the past up to the present and into the future, are: 

  • The company is committed to leadership in the business of continuous computer forms and in the printing industry as a whole.
  • All printing jobs must embody the highest quality and conform to global market standards.
  • Management and business operations must be of international standards of excellence.
  • Personnel development should be encourage aged by emphasizing the importance of employees and advancement in their careers.
  • Production and quality control must achieve ISO 9000 standards.
  • The company’s market will be expanded both in Thailand and abroad, particularly in neighboring countries, by means of establishing branch offices.
  • The company’s business base will be expanded to include activities that complement and reinforce the company’s main scope of operations.
  • The company will engage in joint ventures with foreign firms for the sake of more effective business development.

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