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Comfrom Co.,Ltd.


Comform Group Co., Ltd., Thailand’s premier printing company, was established on October 22nd, 1985 with a registered capital of 5 million baht. Its first head office was located on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Because of computers were just appearing on the Thai business scene at that time, Comform began by concentrating on what were then called “CONTINUOUS BUSINESS FORMS” for the computer printer. The company’s success, like the forms it produced, winning thereby the confidence of respected organizations in both the private and public sectors. Comform’s business growth during the first three years of operations was extremely swift, and so its production capacity had to be expanded to keep pace with demand.

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Company Profile

Comform Co., Ltd. The original company of the Gropu, Comform Co., Ltd. has thrived by virtue of its choice team of professional printers, working together closely in a decentralized management structure. The company operates two separate production lines, i.e. Commercial Printing: e.g. brochures, magazines, calendars, catalogues, textbooks, newspapers, general printing work and Business Form Printing:

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The Character of Comform’s corporate policy is formed by its long-range vision and constant state of readiness for new developments. The basic principles underlying its success, from the past up to the present and into the future, are: 

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Where High Quality Means Superiority. As one of the leading integrated printing houses in Thailand, Comform is committed to encouraging and maintaining the highest quality of personnel. Superior staff remains the key to the groups’ success. In support of this belief, the company helps its personnel keep abreast with the latest technological developments through training and on-site observation of work overseas. Comform is also careful to select to new workers, artists, and engineers who are eminently qualified for each of the various tasks performed by the organization, be it film-making, plate-making, operation of the printing presses, editorial work, photography, personnel, accounting, or sales promotion, and are capable of co-operating as one, single-minded team. The company even goes so far as to select specialists and advisers for particular assignments in which a high degree of competence and knowledge is required.

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Party Big Cleaning Day 14-07-2560

Party Big Cleaning Day 14-07-2560

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